Our most recent MA Leaders Club event was held in Leeds on Thursday 23 September. Please see the outline below of the agenda for the event...

  • Pub Market Report:

    Ed Sibley dives into Lumina Intelligence’s new UK Pub Market Report 2021, highlighting the market and consumer trends shaping the coming 12 months and analysing the progress of the sector’s recovery.

  • Tales from the City:

    Three top operators talk about Leeds, what makes it tick, and where they see the opportunities and challenges in a dynamic and diverse market.

  • No Show, No Way :

    With customer no shows causing havoc for operators, Henri Jooste, Strategic Product Manager from Zonal introduces its #showupforhospitality campaign that aims to help highlight and tackle the issue, along with practical tips on how to boost guest loyalty.

  • Wrestling the Pub Rates Racket:

    Bath-based operator Joe Cussens has picked apart the rates system to expose the insanity behind pub rating valuations. He’ll expose the system for the house of cards it is and the arbitrary, damaging valuations it produces - and calls on operators and the trade associations to challenge a system he argues is not fit for purpose.

  • Climate Challenge:

    Pubs and bars are being given the opportunity to be at the forefront of the battle against rising emissions. Off the back of a pilot initiative with leading operators, Net Zero Now has launched a sector wide initiative which offers a toolkit to help the sector cut its environmental footprint. Net Zero Now’s Simon Heppner and Peach Pubs MD Hamish Stoddart will set out how they’ve approached the challenge and how other operators can get involved.

  • Natasha's Law

    With the change in regulations looming, CPL will talk about everything you need to know about Natasha's Law.

  • Diversity by Design

    Is the pub and bar sector doing enough to promote and support diversity throughout the trade – particularly when it comes to women in the sector at senior level? Jackie Moody-McNamara lays down the gauntlet to the sector, asking what part are we playing in maintaining the status quo, is it really worth disrupting and if so, how can we as leaders personally accelerate the rate of change?

  • Legislative Update

    Sarah Taylor , partner at licensing law firm, Poppleston Allen , explains how the pandemic has impacted the trade in legal terms and highlights the opportunities that have been born out of the most challenging period the trade has ever faced. Prepare for a whistlestop tour of the main legal milestones over the past 18 months and prepare for advice on how to maximise your position as we reopen - Sarah will be showing how opportunities have been created out of adversity.

  • Employee Ownership Session

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