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Why join The MA Leaders Club? 

Put simply, the MA Leaders Club is made up of the leading multiple operators across the pub trade, entrepreneurs and outstanding businesses which set standards for others to follow. The club is designed to provide the leading lights of the industry with inspiration, information and networking opportunities in order to boost their businesses to the next level.

Three Events Every Year

The highlight of becoming an MA Leader is our exclusive members-only events hosted three times a year in locations up and down the country; from Newcastle to Bath to London and many more locales in the past and future of the club.

These events see expert speakers from a wide variety of pub-related fields join us to deliver informative content to attendees. These meetings cover everything from recruitment solutions, staff management, consumer trends, emerging market opportunities, financial advice and operational issues, along with operator’s tales of successes, failures, and solutions: there’s something for every pub operator to bring back to their business.

Following our speakers’ content, the club ventures out into the city for a ‘Study Tour’ – a thorough exploration of the city’s hottest pubs, bars and drinkeries to give members some fresh ideas to inspire them while networking in an informal gathering.

MA Leaders Club Monthly Newsletter

As part of your MA Leaders Club membership you'll receive a free monthly newsletter. This specially curated email will land in your inbox on the 2nd Monday of every month, giving you an industry-wide breakdown of some of the most interesting things that have made waves throughout the last month.

This newsletter can help keep you up to speed with what's going on in the industry whilst also giving you access to tailored content provided especially for our multi-site members.

Where do I sign up?

If you want to join the MA Leaders Club, you can sign up by clicking the button below.

It’s worth noting that only multi-site pub owners and operators are eligible for the MA Leaders Club and it's events.

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What do I get from being a member?

  • Hear from industry experts on issues affecting your business

  • Enjoy immersive study tours of exciting new venues

  • Network with like-minded pub operators/owners

  • Learn from fellow operators about best practice

How do I join?

Do you own or operate more than two sites and want to be a part of our community?

Sign up using our registration form here

Previous Events

  • Birmingham | 2023

  • Brighton | 2022

  • Manchester | 2022

  • Bath | 2019

  • Cardiff | 2018