MA Leaders Club Birmingham took place on Thursday 2 March 2023.

The agenda included...

Recession Trading - How are consumers responding to the cost of living crisis and what have we learnt from consumer behaviour in previous recessions? We also hear from three top operators who traded through the last downturn on how they made it through, and what lessons they’ve learnt from surviving a challenging market and the opportunities to be had. Featuring Oakman Inns Peter Borg Neal, Banwell House’s Toby Brett and more to come.

Safety First - With inclusivity a key part of hospitality, and a cost of living crisis forcing women and other vulnerable groups to avoid taxis, how can pubs work harder to ensure their customers feel safe and supported. We hear from WalkSafe founder Emma Kay on the partnership within hospitality groups that aims to create a more inclusive environment for all customers.

Property Perspective - Ted Schama from Shelley Sandzer and Barry Alread from Davey Co give their takes on the current property market. Ted will look from a restaurant perspective and Barry will give an overview of the pub market.

Role Play - With challenges and pressures on all consumers, how can pubs flex and adapt their roles to ensure people have reasons to keep visiting? We hear from Pub is The Hub about the work they’re doing with organisations including Creative Lives and Inn Crowd, to provide innovation and options to help pubs expand their horizons.