This MA Leaders Club event was held in London on 24 February 2022.

The agenda included...

Missed Opportunities - Are you making the most of the training opportunities and subsequent funding available to your business? Jill Whittaker of HIT Training gives an overview of the possibilities out there and how training can boost your business.

Partnership Evolution - We’re seeing increasing changes in the approach of pubcos to working in partnership with operators. We’ll be hearing from Punch Pubs and multiple operators and brewers Big Smoke on their joint venture, why it works, and how it could be an opportunity for others to follow.

Legislative Update - UK Hospitality’s Kate Nicholls will be updating on the current legislative landscape in a post pandemic world, and where the trade association is on it’s campaigns on VAT and Business Rates.

M&A Activity - There’s been considerable activity when it comes to mergers and acquisitions over the last year, and that activity looks set to continue. Sapient Corporate Finances’ Peter Hansen gives an overview of what’s been going on, and how he sees the market shaping up over the coming months.